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Studio Medico Bassani 
Viale Luigi Majno, 15
Postal Code 20122, Milan (MI)

Phone: +39 0276021267

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Dr. Luciano Cesare Bassani

Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Physiatrist 


Posturology is a medical, clinical and instrumental approach concerned with major receptors (feet, eyes, abdomen, muscular-skeletal, skin, ears) which monitor, control and determine the interaction between our body and the external environment.

The human body is a structured whole that thanks to the information sent from the environment and perceived by our receptors, continuously maintains and modifies its functional morphological structure against the gravitational force.

The human body, as do all living creatures, obeys to tensional integrity laws by maintaining a fractal balance which if the consequence of the relationship between tension and compression.

When this balance fails, due to a variation in such relationship, dysfunctional phenomena’s may occur. Initially these may be reversible but if not properly modified in time they will become of a degenerative nature.

Patients afflicted by backache normally suffer from such tensegrity imbalance which, in the beginning, may be silent causing only a minor problems to a peripheral articulation, but with progression will determine pain to other articulations, later expanding to the whole column.

Such patients, normally identified as arthropathic, are normally treated in a symptomatic way and only diagnosed with instrumental examination without considering that the most probable cause is the tensional imbalance which must be the first thing to be improved.

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