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Studio Medico Bassani 
Viale Luigi Majno, 15
Postal Code 20122, Milan (MI)

Phone: +39 0276021267

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Prof. Luciano Cesare Bassani

Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Physiatrist 

Orthoapedic Medicine is a branch of Physiatry aiming at diagnosing and treating skeleton related disorders, acute or chronic, which may not be eligible for surgery.

Still today, many people suffering from vertebral and articular pains often undertake a sort of pilgrimage seeking the advice of specialists in search of a solution to their problems which, if not of surgical competence, will often be disregarded as being of arthro-rheumatic, fybromialgic or even psychosomatic origin.


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Studio Medico Bassani | Viale Majno 15 - 20122 Milano (MI) | Tel. 0276021267 - Fax 0276408037 |

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Ordine Medici e Odontoiatri codice n° 29408, 29/01/1980 Milano | Data abilitazione 25/01/1980 Milano |

Data Laurea 20/09/1979 Milano | Medico Confederazione Svizzera

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