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Systemic Medicine

Our current way of life is characterized by an enormous discomfort due the constant effort to stress adaptation associated with bad eating habits, toxins present in our food, low nutritional value and junk foods, all of which result in overweight, loss of energy, chronic inflammations and early ageing. Disorders concerned with stress adaptation are also the most difficult to diagnose and treat.

Systemic Medicine® is based on the new scientific evidence of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and General Medicine and its aim is to go beyond a particularistic and symptomatologic approach in favor of an ampler one based on living systems and life itself.

Systemic Medicine® favors an innovative model based on the relationship between health/disease/healing suitable to treat chronic disorders.

Systemic Medicine® sees the human body as a complex cell system functioning as an interconnected entity.

Systemic Medicine® favors innovative treatment approaches able to re-adapt and normalise functional wellbeing.

Systemic Medicine® avails itself of nutritional, supplements, signaling hypo-molecular pharmacology, information therapy (quantistic substances) patient-physician communication and counseling (awareness and responsibility in the healing process).

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