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Dr. Luciano Cesare Bassani

Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Physiatrist 

Studio Medico Bassani 
Viale Luigi Majno, 15
Postal Code 20122, Milan (MI)

Phone: +39 0276021267

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It is advisable to avoid non-steroid inflammatory drugs 48 hours prior to treatment since these drugs may inhibit or diminish the inflammatory response caused by the dextrose solution. Please seek the advice of your health professional.

If you are taking anticoagulants please inform your health professional, since the treatment may not be suitable for these patients.

After the treatment, there will be an inflammatory reaction due to the dextrose injected this may last between 2 to 7 days.

After the treatment you may feel pain, this can be alleviated with paracetamol (1gr. every 8 hours) or other analgesics.

It is advisable not to practice sport activities for at least 5 days after treatment and to regain such activities very gradually.

If you practice sport at a professional level it is advisable to stop training for at least one week, gradually increasing to 50% during the second week, much depends on the amount of pain.

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