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Dr. Luciano Cesare Bassani

Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Physiatrist 

Studio Medico Bassani 
Viale Luigi Majno, 15
Postal Code 20122, Milan (MI)

Phone: +39 0276021267

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Prolotherapy proves useful in many chronic muscular-skeletric disorders in which tendons and ligaments have undergone loosening, pulling or spraining.

It can also be useful in articular pathologies in case of cartilage degeneration. Ligament pains normally appear as dull, burning sensation, not easily to identify and atypically positioned.

The pain is normally felt when at rest, when changing position in bed and getting up especially after having been seated or still for a long time (for example after a long time spent at the desk or driving). This type of disorder is often referred to as the “Theatre-party Syndrome” since it worsens if sitting or standing for a long time.

The lesions of the ligaments can be caused following traumas, spinal surgery or postural deficit.

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