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Dr. Luciano Cesare Bassani

Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Physiatrist 

Studio Medico Bassani 
Viale Luigi Majno, 15
Postal Code 20122, Milan (MI)

Phone: +39 0276021267

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What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a procedure aimed at activating a localized inflammatory process, which our body is not always able to trigger by itself, to strengthen and prompt the “restitutio ad integrum” of damaged joints or


To achieve this, irritating substances are injected into the osteo-periosteum layer of tendons and ligaments aiming at activating the healing process.

The mechanism of action of these injected substances stimulates the production of new collagen encouraging a regenerative process.

Different irritating solutions may be employed to achieve the result however per our experience, and the general international guidelines by the Hackett-Hemwall Patterson Foundation in Madison Wisconsin

(USA), a hypertonic dextrose solution is to be preferred since it also proves to have no side effects.

Dextrose at a concentration of 15% is used at osteo-periosteum level, whereas a concentration of 25% is normally preferred for intra-articular injections.

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